About this site

The number of people cycling in Edinburgh is increasing every year – though there is a long way to go before as many people cycle as they do in legendary places like Amsterdam or Copenhagen!

City of Edinburgh Council was the first in the UK to sign up to the Charter of Brussels with targets of 15% of commuting trips and 10% of all journeys to be by bike by 2020.

To make this more likely, the Council has an Active Travel Action Plan which includes targets to increase the number of children who receive cycle training – “annual targets, to increase the number of primary age children receiving cycle training to 50% by 2013/2014 and 100% by 2016/2017”.

Training children to cycle on roads will not automatically give them all the skills to be able to deal with all traffic conditions, but it’s a useful life skill – especially if part of the training is on-road.

This site will have information about cycle training and also actions and activities at schools to help encourage people to cycle. This will include ActiveTravel initiatives, bike clubs and classroom activities.

There will also be information about cycling clubs and facilities and cycle networks.

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